Janette Gomez, 2015 FAFO Art Festival Judge

Janette Gomez, 2015 FAFO Art Festival JudgeJanette Gomez has had a passion for art as long as she can remember. At a very young age she learned from her grandfather how to use large and medium format studio cameras and tool around with an enlarger. She jokingly claims that darkroom chemicals run through her veins. When she wasn’t hanging out in the studio, she was visiting the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she discovered some of Art Histories beacons. She knew then, the art world is where she belonged.

She pursued her degrees in Art History and Photography, and travelled the world extensively, visiting both the region’s local artists and their national hero’s. She has always felt humbled by the opportunities to experience so much of the world’s beauty and understand its origins.

She began her career by owning her own Archiving Firm, then on to becoming Director of Operations for a National Art Festival Production Company. During her tenure she assisted in the production of several hundred events across the country. She later went on to the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale where she was instrumental in the return of the Las Olas Art Festival.

Janette continues to pursue her passion in art and photography and prefers to use one of her many film cameras over digital models. She is currently working on building her collection of antique cameras and launching a web gallery of her recent works.