Tonya Cribb Curran, 2018 FAFO Art Festival Judge

Tonya Cribb Curran is the director of Stetson University’s Homer and Dolly Hand Art Center. She holds a B.F.A. in ceramics from Winthrop University and an M.A. in Museum Science from Texas Tech University. She became interested in exhibition design as a young undergraduate student working as an assistant in the university gallery. Upon graduation, Tonya spent several years working in one of Charlotte, North Carolina’s premier contemporary art galleries promoting the works of regional and nationally recognized contemporary artists. The exposure to a variety of artistic media and the numerous individuals who inquired about the art-making process inspired her to further her education in museum science and expand her professional experience into the realm of education.

Today, Curran has over twenty years of experience planning exhibits for museums and galleries in states across the country, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alaska, Texas and Florida. She has relished the opportunity to work with significant historical art collections including the works of noted artists Alexander Calder, Pablo Picasso, Jean Tinguely and Francisco Goya as well as those bright innovators emerging on the art scene today. In her role as Gallery Director at the Hand Art Center, she chooses an exhibition program of works that are interdisciplinary in nature, reflecting a myriad of social, political and cultural issues that support academic teaching and underscore the significance of art as a tool for social change. She gets the greatest satisfaction from sharing her varied museum skills with students in the classroom and through the campus work-study program, exposing them to the possibility of an exciting career in the arts that they may have never considered.